søndag den 25. november 2012

Scary creatures, pirates, sexy ladies and all that jazz...

New banner, and what a mess :s It's too small and probably could have been made a lot better, but I kinda like it anyways :3So this is my way of forcing myself to actually pick up blogging again... I guess... xD

So, a quick sum-up:

This summer I had a nice little photoshoot (the "action chick" shot in the banner is from this shoot as well.)

Also we went on our raft trip (Ole, Martin and I) and it was the craziest adventure! It was soo tough to build and steer the raft. I truly felt like a true pirate captain when we got home x3

 Then I went to the amazing City of Cities postapocalyptic LARP
My character was the sweet pure hearted dancer, Desi who was waiting for her long lost love (and he did come back for her in the end x3)

 For Genki I was Shura Kirigakure at friday. I started out wearing her "school" outfit (as seen in the banner) but changed into her lovely "pajamas" later on :D
(Picture credit: Sascha Nielsen)
Then at saturday, we got on stage with our amazing Amnesie: The Dark Descent act.
Link to the act (Notice the PewDiePie references xD)
I made all the costumes (Ole as the grunt/bro/mr. face, Martin as the shadow and myself as Daniel) and i also made practically everything else in the act, all from the music to the props.)
We won the prize for "Best prop" and I couldn't be more proud x3

Then I went to see Lady Gaga in CPH looking like this

Yet another pirate party, and yet another look for Captain Taya

I had nothing less than four Halloween costumes this year :3 This is the first one. I had to figure out something quickly, and I had just been playing a lot of The Sims 2 x3

This was my second costume. I "cosplayed" as my own OC, Tabby a half demon girl. (I might tell you more about this character later.)

Then I went as this lovely little girl as my third Halloween costume

 And last but not least my elegant demon madame, as the fourth costume this year x3

That's about it... I will try and keep this blog updated more if possible, I have a bunch of projects I will start working on this christmas, and I might just post the progress :3

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