søndag den 22. maj 2011

Pirate party pictures :D

A quick update here after the pirate party xD

I had such a good time and I got oooh so very drunk xD But that's a pirate party for yer.

My crew
Christine, Jimmy, Jack Jack, Ole and I :D

Hat, belt, gloves, stuff on bottle, key ring (not the keys though), scar on chest, hair and makeup was made by myself :3 Also a voodoo doll and a purse hanging from my belt on the backside.
The rest of the stuff I've either bought og already had.

Captain Taya

First mate Red Sam Rackham (Rackham pronouned Rack'em). Also known as Ole xD

Necklace, glove, telescope holster, scar and gunshot wound on chest, scar across eye and makeup made by me.
I also bought most of the stuff for his costume and put together the items for a great pirate look x3

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