fredag den 13. maj 2011

Delayed SVS con blog :3

Sooo we went to SVS con last week :3 I don't have much more to say, than I had a great time! It was exacly the way a convention is supposed to be :D

In lack of words, I'm just gonna add some pictures xD


Me and Ole as Mai and Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh! :3

Mai Valentine

Joey Wheeler



Fairy Tail :D
Maria as Erza, Sara as Natsu, Thomas as Gray, me as Lucy and Ole as Loki :3

Lucy Heartfilia & Erza Scarlett

Lucy & chibi Natsu x3

Narcissistic moment xD

Lucy and her grown up cat x3

In other random news...
I've decided to attend the pirate party the 21th this month :3 I experimented with some random clothes, and made a pretty cool pirate costume! So I've bought an awesome pirate gun (among other things) and is almost ready for it x3 Can't wait! :D

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