fredag den 20. maj 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean, and costume try outs

Today (friday) Ole and I have been together for half a year x3 We celebrated by going to the movies and watch the new Pirates of The Caribbean film :D

He also gave me these awesome figurines of Zoro and Piccolo xD

You know your boyfriend loves you, when he buys you nerdy stuff like this instead of flowers xD
I love it!

I also found the movie tickets very amusing xD But that might only be funny to a few people I know xD

I really enjoyed the movie! It seemed quite a lort shorter than the other ones, but still had a lot of great moments in it. One of the things I really appreciated was that they had cut down on the "cheesy love story" parts of the movie this time. I wasn't missing Will and Elizabeth all that much to be honest :p And Johnny Depp was amazing as Captain Jack Sparrow as always. x3

It was a great pirate adventure and I am sooo ready for the pirate party tomorrow now x3 I just have to finish making some scars in latex to glue on, for a last touch of pirate x3

It's right now a mess, but this is some of the stuff for our costumes x3

I loooove my pirate hat, which I made MYSELF! x3
(Don't mind crappy picture xD)

I'm also working on my zombie crawl costume some more, since there's only one and a half week until the big Z-day x3

I've been having a lot of trouble with contact lenses. I've tried 3 different types, and none of them seem to want to stay around my iris, but much rather stick to my upper eye lid, so that they go up every freakin' time I blink Dx
And I've tried practically everything ;___; And spend all my money on it ;_______;
And I've never even had trouble with lenses before D: D: D: The purple ones I used for Mai Valentine at SVS con were PEFRECT! I could barely feel them there!
I just don't understand... I hope I'll figure something out before the big day! :D

3 kommentarer:

  1. Måske er de nye linser en forkert krumning. Ved ikke om man kan få farvede linser med en anden krumning, men så kan det evt være en fejl fra producenten?

    Jeg kan fx ikke bruge normale kontaktlinser med normal krumning :)

    and wow your hat is really awesome! >< I'm envy <3

  3. MLFA: Hmm har ikke nok forstand på den slags til at vide hvad det betyder :/ Det undrer mig bare i og med at jeg aldrig har haft problemer med det før D:

    Lina: Hehe takker :D