søndag den 17. april 2011

My pirate dream

I have for so long wished to be the owner of a great pirate costume with real pirate replica weapons and a shirt like this one:

And even though I won't be able to afford it yet, I've still found a great site where I can buy tons of great pirate stuff :D
My plan is to combine the things I need with stuff I already have, and make a pirate costume that looks good, and reflects my personality a little :3

Psst... If you don't tell anyone... Iill let you have a look at a quick sketch I made of how I approximately want my costume to look x3

Crappy pitcure quality is crappy... ;p
And the thing in my hand was supposed to be a bottle xD

When the day comes, my dream would be to do an epic pirate photoshoot x3

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dit pirat kostume ser badass ud! Fuck jeg glæder mig til at være pirat igen, det er næsten lige så awsome som at være zombie! <3 :O

  2. Yah kan heller ikke vælge hvad der er bedst x3 <3
    Life is awesome x3 x3