tirsdag den 29. marts 2011

Shopaholic ^w^

I told myself not to use a whole lot of money on random shizzle, but ended up doing it anyway...

Fell in love with two corsets, awesome sandals and a pair of epic shoes :3 Can't wait for summer to come!

This black and red, asian inspired patterned corset, was simply love at first sight! x3

The second one looks kinda odd in the front (because of my skewed upper-body xD) but the backside is gorgeous!

Do you know the feeling of looking at a picture and thinking "Aww my hair looked really nice back then", and then remembering that the picture was taken a few hours ago? xD xDxD

It's very rare, that I randomly discover a pair of shoes, which I instantly fall in love with, and just HAVE to buy, but it happened twice this week xD

I've always wanted a pair of wedge heels sandals, and these even has some attitude to them! xD

And at last, I bought these cute almost ninjaish shoes from a Black Market user :3 Can't wait to try 'em on when they arrive in the mail! x3

It's definitely not like me to buy so much stuff, but at least everything was very cheap! eBay, Føtex and Black Market, I love you all! xD

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  1. Oh, the corsets are so gorgeous! I wish I had some overbust corsets.. you look so sexy in them *__* I love them! Your wedge sandals are really cute too!