søndag den 13. marts 2011

Delayed OkashiiCon blog

Pis mig i øret og kald mig Karl-jørgen, jeg elsker det her billede! :D (I love this picture >__> xD)
Me as Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) and Åle-chan as Sasagawa Ryohei (Katekyo Hitman REBORN!)
Both of us actually accomplished to look badass xD (Or maybe not me, but... ;___;)

So... last weekend we went to Malmö for OkashiiCon :D It was just as charming and nice as last year, but unfortunately we ended up being quite isolated from everyone, by keeping a distance from strangers. (Or maybe it's would be more right to say that I kept a distance).

It's getting more and more difficult for me to connect with people I don't know, most likely because of my lonely days of not doing anything besides working and working out :p
It wears my social energy out, and breaks down my confidence in so many ways Dx

But back to the point, OkashiiCon was very lovely, and I noticed something which is very rare at cons. There were not an overload of cosplayers from one specific manga/anime. It was all nicely divided into a few cosplayers from each of the major popular series. Thumbs up to our swedish neighboors x3

At friday Ole borrowed my Kaku cosplay, so that he could join me when I was Kalifa x3
He made a very good (yet PERVY) Kaku :3 xD

Later friday, I changed to Zoro, with my new wig :p (Yes I know it sucks xD)
And went on a giraffe date xD

Sanji disapproved

So... Uhmm xD
(Goddamn that fucking wig Dx I look like a freakin' palm tree! >:E)

A pic from one of my fav acts at the show x3 Rock Lee's ACCIDENTAL Sakura boob grabbing (epic Rock Lee face xD) Naruto looks like he want's to join in xD

I don't know who won, someone tell me? ;__;

We decided to go home Saturday evening to go to another "Fastelavns" party.
Loooool Åle-chan (Ole :p) went as a mummy, and he got really drunk xD Such an epic sight! Drunken mummy walking around, dancing randomly, and spacing out xD

Thanks to Sara and Ole for doing that with me! :3 I love you guys!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Haha I LOVE KHR AND ONE PIECE! I'm a big fan of your one piece cosplays~ Actually I concidering going to greet you, but well I had too many things to think of, but you were awesome~ ^^ btw it suits ole to be Kaku hah~

    and those who won was Risa as Soul from Soul eater, and The mad hatter for most in character. Uhm One piece group and Ari/tat as the weird no one knows anime with the poster of a head butt with legs won special humon prizes and I guess that was it for the cosplay show..

  2. Yay x3 Good to know :3

    And thanks, their act was quite good, so well deserved! :3