mandag den 7. februar 2011

Fastelavn er sgu da mit navn!

Oooh how I LOOOOVE second hand stores! :D :D :D How many times they've saved my ass... Count Ebay in on that one too xD

Cosplays are coming along, just finished my Kaere Kimura cosplay (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and my "fastelavns" costume is going to be so freakin' epic! :D :D :D

Here's a sketch of how I approximately want my "fastelavns" costume to look. I'm going to portrait the egyptian goddess "Bast" or "Bastet". Among other things she was the goddess of cats.

I've already obtained a lot of the stuff needed for the costume, and I've started working on the mask. I plan to paint it later this evening! :D
The contacts are awesome, but a little hard to get to stay straight in the eyes xD I choose an orange tone instead of the classic yellow cat eye contact lense, to represent more cat types like the bigger species (lions, tigers, etc.) and also to give the eyes a softer look than a sharp yellow color would.

Oh yeah, flash picture right in the mirror, and my jelly belly on display xD
I have this idea of wanting to paint all my visible skin a dark grey color, to draw the line between egyptian goddess, and a random egyptian Cleopatra wannabe xD

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