tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

Dress up madness (Random update)

My new Zoro wig! :D :D xD
It's a little too long, so I'll try cutting it witouht ruining it... again xD
I like the color :3

So... Life seems to stand still at the moment. Still looking for at job and is almost done with my short film for the art academy.

I hate working on Mac computers xD But they are the best for movie making and editing.

My "fastelavns" costume is also ready x3

Pelle duz not care baut, weird big cat mask. Only want's noms!

My Mai Valentine costume is already getting close to ready as well, even though it's first going to be used at Svs con xD

Yeah... I know... epic boobs... That corset does the trick xD No Mai Skankentine without an epic cleavage xD

And one last thing :3

Got this amazing asian dress :D Now I only need an occasion to wear it :3

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