søndag den 2. januar 2011


Wauw... When I look back at this last year, it has truly been one of the most eventuful and exciting years of my life!
Not only have an incredible amount of awesome adventures come my way, I've also finally started to truly feel like I know who I am, and like who I am :3

So here is a little re-run of memories from the wonderfull year 2010!

Started at the 3D workshop at Roskilde Tekniske skole

Fastelavn at Paramount (With Ups and Sara)

Karaoke at Okashiicon! :D (With Maja and Christine)

Our trip to Japan (With Sekita, Rosa and also my dad, who's not in the picture xD)

Copenhagen Zombie crawl (With Sara... or at least some of her)

My first "photoshoot"

JulyRoskilde festival (With Sara, who took this picture)

Genki con (With Sara, Thomas and Christine)
Also this was the month of my 19'th birthday, the Paramount festival and the kigurumi meetup in Zoo xD

"Runway model" for the Dark Market fashion show
Also this was the month of the "International talk like a pirate day"

OctoberLady Gaga concert
Also this was the month of "Hero Villain party", "Cosplay Ready III" and Halloween

NovemberJ-pop con

This was the month of Christmas and New Years Eve. (Sara and I, dancing at our New Year party :3)

I finally got to wear my yukata, that I bought in Japan x3

"Kiss the drunk girl, and next year will bring you luck and happiness"
x3 x3

Hopefully 2011 will be as wonderful as 2010!

Happy New year!

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