lørdag den 25. december 2010

It's hard to be a nisse pige xD

O hai! This is so embarrassing :o Been waaay too long since I last blogged, and I've been wanting to, but haven't gotten anything slightly interesting to say... xD So here is the inevitable christmas blog from me as well! :D :D :D

Since I'm still trying to make my life one big masquerade, I just had to put together a cute Christmas outfit as well x3
Bonus info: The white gloves are vintage. They belonged to my grandma many years ago :3

I was quite satisfied with the whole evening. I spend it with so many nice people, and we ate SUPER DELICIOUS food and I got most of the things from my wishlist.
Not that I wished for anything special really.

I got a new cell-phone and a ton of DVDs just to mention some of it ^w^

My mood has really been going up and down lately. I really hope that the worst of it is caused by the depressing cold and darkness outside Dx

I sat down the other day and started to draw the feeling inside me from that evening, but the result came out more figuretively than literally I would say xD :p

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that everything is just so confusing and tough and random, but I still must strive for a better future, and see the gold in what I've got :3
(Or something like that xD)

Going to spend most of these last 2010-days with the boyfriend, and at New years eve, I will be hosting a small private party for a couple of the closest friends (and the boyfriend as well of course xD)
It's gon' be awsum'!

I'll probably blog later this next week about my year and such x3

There is white-øl in the tønd'. Then the fest will soon begynd!

I love The Julekalender! It is simply fantastisk! xD

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