tirsdag den 9. november 2010

Messed up humor and prettyness x3

Finally blogging time again! xD

I've been busy with my cosplay making and stuff, and haven't really had any interesting stuff to blog about :/

My sleeping habit is currently a mess Dx I tend to forget to sleep at night... xD But there are so many other interesting things to do!

Anyways... I've just recieved my package from www.6dollarshirts.com and I looove the T-shirts x3

"Never thought I'd see the day (shawtaay) whit a big boat coming my waaay..." XD
(And a little maniac smile XD) lol

Double rainbow all the way across the skyyy! Yeah yeeeeaaah! So intense! Double rainbow all the way cross the skyyy! Wah-waaauw oooh my god! Look at that raaainboow! xD
(Current Facebook profile picture xD)

Arrrr! xD Couldn't help myself had to own this! xD

Oh lol... T-shirts with my terrible humor printed on them xD

Watched the brand new Saw VII in 3D last friday! Awesome movie is awesome! x3

Besides that, here's some of the pictures from my latest "photoshoot" xD

*Awaits to be bothered by parents for this xP*
I like it though! Reminds me of "The Birth of Venus" By Botticelli x3

Because I can! xD

And now for something extremely different!

Why, yes that is indeed tiny cars made out of cardboard and paint glued to my ceiling... I'm a weirdo, k thanks... xD

2 kommentarer:

  1. HAHA elsker dine tshirts + biler i loftet! God stil! XD I lol'd. Dine photoshoot billeder er vildt flotte! *-* du er så smuk altså.

  2. Ihh tak og tak x3 Har altid gerne ville eje dumme T-shirts xD