søndag den 14. november 2010

J-pop con & love :3

Is so damn happy inside, that I will start this blog right now!
I don't really have all that many J-pop con pictures yet, but I might as well get it over with xD

Friday was Fullmetal Alchemist day. My Winry cosplay turned out allright, despite the fact that my head looked gigantic under my hair in the wig, and the bandana xD And my eyebrows made me look a little too badass'ish for Winry xD (Badass'ish = Nadia makes up new words xD)

Got a bunch of Edward punches in, with that wrench, lol xD

Saturday was Thriller Bark time! Our group turned out quite cool xD

Picture credit: Kenn Bo Stahnke (stole most of the pictures from FB)
Maja as Tony Tony Chopper, My sis Rosa as Perona, Zozo as Ryuuma, and me as Victoria Cindry ^w^

Picture credit: Mikkel Norup
Thriller Bark babes ;D Christine and I x3 The blue blond and the purple brunette xD

Picture credit: Mickey Juel Prüssing
Brook: "Panties?" *_*
Cindry: "Lul'z anti plates!" xD

And now for the result of Rosas Perona cosplay:

Picture credit: Sara-chwuaaaaan! ~
Har du lige set en fin!!! xD
Million dollar smile, and cutie-pie Kumashi x3
*Very very proud big-sister* :,3

Then! Sunday arrived, and it was time for my secret cosplay xD And as a lot of people already knew, it was Kaku from One Piece (Water 7 arc) xD xD

Picture credit: Kenn Bo Stahnke
Lol, baaad picture quality. The sleeves are way more blueish IRL and the middle part a little less orange :o
Sara took some better shots, but she's just too damn slow >:E
So a better cosplay pic of this one will probably be uploaded later on ^w^ (Or at least on my cosplay.com profile).

Felt so damn awesome to cosplay such an awesome giraffe dude with that square nose xD I felt kind of brave to do this one xD Kaku is my fav One Piece "villain" after all x3

Besides that, I don't really feel like commenting on J-pop con... The convention of thousands of people standing in line xD

Hmm what else is new... Oh yeah... that's right... I think... I might be in love x3
I'm not all that sure myself yet, but I feel so happy and warm inside everytime I think about him, which is almost constantly when I'm not texting him x3
Gonna spend the weekend with him... So I guess I'll find out x3
Just feels good to know that I still have love left in this broken heart of mine. Might be good for me to just simply move on. Might as well just enjoy life xD


6 kommentarer:

  1. Det er som jeg slet ikke så dig i nogle af de outfits @_@ (ellers kunne jeg bare ikke kende dig!) Dit søndags cosplay er vildt sej med den næse, haha :D

  2. Haha, elsker virkelig billedet af dig og Brook, især måden du smiler på, sexy 8D
    og Rosas Perona er bare SÅ perfekt!
    Og dit Kaku er også bare genialt :D

  3. Stella: Lol bliver ofte ikke-genkendt xD men tager det som en god ting ;p
    Ja den næse var årsag til megen gag og gøgl xD

    Christine: Kunne ikke lade være med at lol'e det var episk moment xD
    Yah Rosa var så fiiin! x3
    Heh tak, selvom de fleste folk var like "wtf??" når jeg kom forbi xD

  4. Cool One piece~ *W* Synes dit kaku cosplay var så sejt! mn kunne vrkelig ikke genkende dig i det så turde ikke gå hen og sige noget :/