lørdag den 2. oktober 2010

Villain for a night

So, the Hero & Villain party was yesterday, and I absolutely loved it! I had such an amazing time and there were so many awesome costumes!
I really enjoyed how I for once could dress up, kind of simple and comfortable, and still be so recognizable :D
A lot of people, even random ones just passing by, recognized me as Elle Driver from Kill Bill 2 xD

This costume was surprisingly good, even though I barely spend a day putting it together xD

Such a lovely event, where people actually showed up to look awesome, and not just to get drunk. We need to have more costume-parties like that!

My sister and I AKA Gogo Yubari and Elle Driver, as Hannibal Lectors hencemen xD

Something that have come to my attention, is some people who has expressed their negative thoughts about me cosplaying guys... And that really makes me want to scream "WTF?!"
I might LOOK very girly, but I'm really not all that feminine... It's mostly my looks, but my personality can be quite boy'ish.
So, why can't I cosplay a guy?
Why do some guys find it funny and/or weird/fucked up that I cosplay men?
Is it because of my body type or because I'm just not very guy'ish or simply because they find crossplaying creepy?!
I PREFER cosplaying men! It's absolutely the most fun and nothing can stop me! >:E

I prefer female costumes when it comes to any other dress up genre though xD lol how ironic...

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