torsdag den 21. oktober 2010

Herning goes Gaga

What a day yesterday was!
I used from 9 am. to 1 pm. to create an outfit, and then Christine and I took a bus ride for 4 hours to get to Herning.
Around 6 pm. we arrived at the concert place to see Lady Gaga :D
And what a show! I soooo loved the scenographies and the dancing choreographies, and Gaga surely hit us hard with all her monster hits! It was an evening full of dancing and wonderful lights and music.

But I also have to admit that there was another feeling to it...
I almost kind of wish that the person on stage was someone else. All of a sudden Gaga became so human! She showed her weaknesses and her ugliness which left me with the thought: "That could have been me on stage..."
And you might think of that as a good thing, but when it comes to Lady Gaga I would really prefer to see her as some kind og superstar idol who never makes any mistakes, who's always perfect!
Like she said herself: "I would prefer a big dose of bullshit every day, instead of the truth!"

But I guess I'll just keep imagining her as someone divine and perfect, and just remember the words she said to all us little monsters :3

It's been an experience for life, and I really enjoyed spending the day with Christine as well :3

So here's the great outfit xD

The final look with the bruises and a little bit blood xD

It's very hard to tell in the picture, but I had made fake bruises on my neck and arms.
My inspirations were a little bit of Halloween, Gagas MTV performance outfit and the lolita look.
My mom thought I looked kind of like a german Heidi girl though xD (which I actually don't mind xD)
I was one of the only people dressed up really wildly, but I loved that! My thought was: "Why not dress up?! It's a freakin Lady Gaga concert for fuck sake! xD"

2 kommentarer:

  1. Årh, nice outfit <3 virkelig gennemført! Elsker dine blåmærker! Er det bare øjenskygge? Hvordan gjorde du? Er ikke Gaga fan overhovedet, men har respekt for hendes vilde outfits XD lyder godt at I hyggede jer!

  2. Taak :D Jeg har lavet dem med sådan et sminke sæt fra fætter BR xD Tror det hedder scary face eller sådan noget. Man kan lave nogle fede ting med det faktisk :3
    Og jah det var så hyggeligt x3