tirsdag den 26. oktober 2010


Almost a joke to call it that... I'ts cold enough to be winther already >____< Well... our one week vacation went by kind of quick. Besides the GaGa concert, I've also been meeting up with people, working and the last weekend Cosplay Ready III took place. I mostly made stuff for my sisters Perona cosplay, but also some minor stuff for my own ones.

For those who know not of One Piece, this be Perona the Ghost Princess. Rosas upcoming cosplay xD
I've made the flower thingies for the hair, and I'm in the process of painting the crown and making the belt ^w^ Hopefully her boots will arrive in time O___o

So... under three weeks until J-pop con... I'm quite confident about making it in time, but I don't have any REALLY SPECTACULAR cosplay this time... (Maybe except for my secret cosplay >:3) So I'll probably be one of those people who runs around with a camera for once xD

At this point, where I only have a little less than 10 chapters left of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, I'm getting more and more excited about cosplaying Winry Rockbell x3
I've even ordered a new and better wig than my Lucy cosplay one (which I had originally planned to use), and I'm trying to decide weather or not to wear blue contact lenses ^w^
Sara will be cosplaying as Edward Elric, so we'll be a kickass team xD
I only need to recieve and style the wig and make her sandals.

So... that's my cosplay for the J-pop con friday, and for the saturday one, I'm joining a Thriller Bark cosplay group as Cindry once again :3 That's the same group Rosa will be Perona for :D
One Piece FTW! xD

"Plates must vanish from this world >:E"

And for the sunday cosplay? Weeeeell... It's still a secret! Or at least for some people xD

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  1. OMG COOL you're cosplaying perona! I actually thought about it too! ^^ but I'm not gonna make it for J-pop! Good luck to you~ btw If I see you around I'll go fangirl about you! xD

  2. It's my sister who's gonna cosplay her, not me ^^