mandag den 20. september 2010

My life dressed up xD

I'm just so happy and cheerful! My life has become one big dress up party! x3
There's the pirate party saturday, and the weekend after, I'm going to a Hero / Villain party xD

My sister and I, will be dressed up as villains from Kill Bill.

My sister as Gogo Yubari:

And me as Elle Driver (A.k.a California Mountain Snake) :
My thought is to use one of my katanas for my Zoro cosplay, since I really don't have the time to make an entire new one :p

My first intention was to dress up in a pig mask costume, from the Saw movies, but I ordered the costume yesterday, and since it has to go all the way from America to Denmark, im pretty sure it won't arrive before the party :p

It's okay though, since I've always wanted to dress up as a Kill Bill character, and I'll just use my Saw pig mask costume for Halloween instead then! >:D

I'm really excited that Rosa (my sister) wanted to come along with me! I've even already made the spiked ball in chain weapon thingy, for her costume xD

Took me less than a day to make, but only because I drove all the way to the nearest hardware store on my bike in the pouring rain to buy the chain xP

I has a spiked ball on a chain! x3 I'm quite saisfied with the result really!

And Rosa practically has all the pieces of clothes needed for the outfit ^w^ We only need some white shoes.

So that makes it:

The 25th September: Pirate party - pirate costume
The 2nd October: Hero /Villain party - Elle Driver costume
The 20th October: Lady GaGa concert - Wild GaGa inspired outfit/costume
The 22th October (and the rest of that weekend): Cosplay ready 3 - I might just dress up, you'll never know! x3
The 31th October (or maybe before or later): Halloween part - Saw style pig mask costume
The 12th November: J-pop con!!! - Winry Rockbell (FMA), Victoria Cindry (One Piece) and either Kaere Kimura (Sayonara Zetsubou sensei) or my secret cosplay ;3 (or both).

My life is one big masquerade! :D

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