lørdag den 18. september 2010

Whoah! English?

I'm considering doing my blog in English from now on... To make it more international and for me to practice my english before it all blows out of my head :o
So I guess this is a test then...

I've been enyoing my time at "Technical School" at the "Sign Technician" education, lol. I have no idea of how to translate it different.
Anyway, I didn't have that many good expectations about it, but it has turned out to be so very much fun!
I really get a lot of good challenges to use my creativity in different ways, and I love working with Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

I've been wondering what it would be like to actually become a full educated "Sign technician" but I'm not sure it's really something for me... yet...

A sign for my new sailor café xD

Next saturday, I'm going to a pirate party at The Rock in Copenhagen, and I'm determined to make some epic pirate costume for it! I'm not planning to win for best costume though, seeing as a lot of the people who's going to be there, probably have spent fortunes on amazing pirate costumes and accesories.
But it will definitely be a good time!

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