søndag den 26. september 2010


Despite some few complication, I really enjoyed the pirate party yesterday! :3 There were so many awesome people dressed up as awesome pirates, and I was really damn satisfied with my own costume :D
I was even nominated for the best costume, but there were some misunderstandings about the competition and stuff, but I guess that's just too bad when things aren't organized well enough :p. I didn't win, but I'm really happy to know that I was one of the best dressed at the entire event!

My costume wasn't all that perfect, but it had some very original details though :3

Not many people took pictures at the event, which sucked when you're used to people with cameras everywhere at conventions, so I had to take some pictures myself xD

This was shot by Christine, in a hurry after the party ^w^ It's the only full body picture I have, but at least I have one :D
Awesomeness! XD

And a close-up, to really show the awesome open eye patch, with a corset inspired look, and the evil red demon eye behind it xD

And my pretty little hat :D
(Sitting alone in Copenhagen central station, at 4 in the morning, having had to pay 92 kr. to get home, because I didn't make the train an hour earlier, which my ticket was still available for... ;_; (but at least I looked cool xD))

My delicious shoes, and my shiny nails :D

So... moving on to the next dress-up event xD

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